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    Children no longer play with mobile phones, smart parents to do so, only love and learning writing calligraphy and painting

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    Love is the nature of children, toys wisdom toys parents were chosen.

    Choose toys to the child is not simple, it is too ordinary children don't like it, too complicated children love to play, so choose the right toys is the first step on the parents to go into the heart of children.

    Your children in the play? LCD tablets?

    Side there are a lot of mobile phones for their children when parents toy, a crying child, immediately bring mobile phones to children are watching video, playing a game. At that time is convenient, the time for a long time to know, for children to play with mobile phone is not the right thing to do!

    Affect vision, lead to myopia

    Play mobile phone damage cervical spine, spinal deformity

    Attention, memory decline, do not love learning

    Mixer with mobile phones don't want to contacts with the outside world, withdrawn

    Prevent children "mobile control"

    Play mobile phones harm is really large, LCD tablets, how to avoid children to be "mobile phone charged with?"

    Wise parents not only set a good example to play less mobile phones, strictly control the children's access to mobile phones, also pay attention to transfer the child's attention, such as mobile phones replaced with fun and educational toys, is a great way.

    Seriously baby the most lovely

    All over the room toys, children do not touch? Is not you have no right! Recommend you a "with Eva artifact," with it, your baby don't cry not make 1 second becomes quiet, instantly fell in love with writing and drawing, can also take you into the inner world of the small lovely yo ~

    "With Eva artifact", LCD tablets

    Taken the LCD tablets, high appearance level

    The children's intelligence coated tablets, very thin, the baby can easily grasp. Excitation of cute penguins modelling, adult saw all move, kids saw more fondle admiringly.

    Adult children can't resist the force of "of"

    Taken the LCD tablets, healthy eye

    Not only appearance level high, power to be reckoned with more! It applies the global initiative flexible ink screen technology, natural light reflection present writing trace, the light is downy, does not hurt the eye, no radiation, can effectively protect the baby's eyesight.

    The baby's birthday gift

    Taken the LCD tablets, safe

    Do you know? Traditional coated panel using the principle of the magnetic iron absorption, made to the drawing board brushes the magnet iron powder sucked out for writing, and the iron powder is toxic to the human body.

    Intelligent coated tablets perfect alternatives to traditional writing tools without paper and pen, a finger can smooth writing easily, follow one's inclinations, not only to avoid harm of iron powder, lead powder, pigment, also don't have to worry about dirty hands and clothes, let your child to describe fantasy world of the heart.

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