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    Paper notebook Obsolete, the first erasable smart tablet, repeated 50,000 times

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    Nowadays, in the context of the Internet era, it is no longer an imagination to just bring a mobile phone out. Starting from Xiaomi's various smart small household appliances, Ma Yun's unmanned supermarket, Jingdong's drones send express, Baidu's driverless cars come one after another, these high-tech companies that we didn't even dare to think about came into us quietly. life.

    Many times, we all have this kind of experience. I clearly remember what I wrote in my notebook, but I couldn’t remember which one it was; I’m going to take the exam soon, and I’m going to review a bunch of professional courses. The wrong set of questions, the knowledge points are intricately combed, the most people are collapsing... Is there a notebook that can be saved at any time and can be written repeatedly?

    Today, with the continuous innovation and development of technology, many things have been given new functions. Today, with the rapid development of digitalization, the space for writing is really getting smaller and smaller..... Although Microsoft’s Surface is the main one, it can be handwritten as a digital notebook, but the texture of writing and painting on the glass is still better than nothing. The pleasure of rubbing the tip of the pen against the paper. The company's howshow, which focuses on the development of the tablet, is the world's first and most versatile LCD tablet, which makes the mistakes no longer horrible.

    Smart tablet

    The so-called professional people do professional things, this company is committed to the development of the tablet, to ensure the high quality of each model, its products are zero radiation, and now it has become the best-selling tablet in North America. It is a flexible liquid crystal product, there is no backlight, and there is some commonality between the E-ink and the e-book. The power-off content page will not disappear, and refreshing the entire screen requires a small power-on. It can be written 5-10 million times. Calculated, if you use 30 times a day, you can use it for at least 4 years.

    In Europe and the United States, the most popular, foreigners are most admired the concept of paperless and penless writing. Once listed, they are rushed by the parents of all walks of life. Recently, the howshow children's drawing board is being favored by many parents in a swift posture. In addition to convenience, it is more fun to write and draw with it.

    What kind of drawing board is this, can it be enthusiastically sought after by domestic and foreign parents?

    Smart tablet

    First, zero radiation, no eye injury, such as the writing experience of paper touch

    The howshow drawing board uses low-power flexible liquid crystal technology. It does not require polarizers and relies entirely on the outside light. Children can see the drawing board just like ordinary blackboards, so don't worry about radiation and eye damage. In addition, howshow has passed the FCC, CE safety certification, is an internationally certified security product.

    Howshow draws the board, the most important thing is of course to write comfortable, really can compare the effect of pen writing on paper, the accuracy and sensitivity of writing are very high, basically no delay, closely follow the movement of the pen tip, the pen down Light weight can also control the thickness of the line. There is a subtle feeling that is as much better than writing on paper.

    Second, repeatedly write more than 50,000 times, no longer have to worry about soiling

    Because of the low-power flexible LCD technology, this tablet is also very power-saving. You only need a small button battery, you can write tens of thousands of times, you can change it after you have no electricity. Howshow children draw a writing board, the entire writing board can write 5-10 million times, after writing once, just touch the erase button above, there is another new paper.

    For children, this is probably the best graffiti tool and the best children's toy, and moms no longer have to worry about wasting paper. Just write and draw, draw 30 photos a day, at least for 4 years. When you are writing, you want to clear all the dense manuscripts, just press the button to clear the screen.

    With such a tablet that can record inspiration and life at any time, you have the equivalent of a children's drawing board, tablet, copy board, copybook, message board and so on. If you want to use it, you can use it at any time and you won't be idle. Probably the price of eating a dinner out, you can give your child unlimited graffiti, give yourself and your family a happy life, what reason is there to refuse?

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