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    Why is Shenzhen Howshow Children’s Electronic Tablets popular with adults and children?

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    Why is Shenzhen Howshow brand children's electronic tablet board loved by adults and children? Xiaobian summarizes the following reasons:

    Shenzhen Howshow brand children's electronic writing board

    First, easy to use environmental protection, wide range of uses

    1. Really restore paper feel

    Its screen is super-sensitive, the strokes are smooth and delicate, the accuracy is extremely high, and there is no delay. It is no different from writing on a piece of paper. How do you paint it? How to draw it, 100% to restore your true level. You can also write directly on the screen with your fingers, but you can control the thickness and thickness with the stylus, the exclusive patented pressure-sensitive technology, and even surpass the ease of writing on paper.

    2. One button clear screen

    When you want to delete, you can quickly clear the screen with one click, the operation is very simple and clear. The fool-like operation is completely stress-free for children. Just touch it and you have a new "paper".

    3. Can be repeatedly erased 100,000 times, super environmental protection

    Children use it to write and draw, instead of paper and pen, it is easy to use and environmentally friendly. Children in the school age stage do mathematics work and use it to draft drafts, which not only saves paper, but also has no ink and dust, and the homework is neat and tidy. The key is! This tablet can be erased 100,000 times. Children can write and casually draw without worrying about wasting paper. Saving a few big trees is very energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

    4. Multi-scenario use

    This is not only a child's drawing board, copybook, and draft paper. Adults can use it to make notes, make accounts, and draw design drawings, which is convenient and practical. From time to time, it is super love to have a parent-child interaction with the child! It can also be used in multiple scenes, and it serves as an electronic recipe when cooking in the kitchen. Give your family a warm message. Interior designers, usually need to discuss the program with customers? Put the grass picture on the tablet! It is easy to communicate and can be modified at any time. Office workers can also be used to record daily to-do items, or communicate with the boss for various creative inspirations. It’s great to have two strokes for decompression. I like to draw, and directly use it as a sketching board. No problem, landscape sketch artifact! A small partner who likes sports can also use it for tactical analysis and guidance. The concert can also be used as a support item, and can also be used to take a photo with a small partner. Drafting in the class and planning the route in the car, only you can't think of it, no it can't do it.

    Second, flexible liquid crystal technology, low energy consumption, safe and harmless

    In this era of excessive use of smartphones and iPads, children began to rely on electronic devices when they were very young, but these electronic products have more or less radiation and eye damage. Therefore, the zero-radiation and non-astigmatic eye protection function of Howshow Children's Electronic Tablet will definitely impress you.

    It uses low-power flexible liquid crystal technology, low power consumption, large viewing angle, no need for polarizers, and pure natural light can present perfect writing notes without harming children's eyes. Moreover, the power consumption is extremely low, and it basically consumes no power when writing, and only consumes a little electricity when it is cleared. So a button battery can be used for half a year, no battery, you can change the battery, let you and the troublesome charging line Say Bye!

    Third, waterproof and anti-fall durable, light and portable

    Howshow children's electronic writing board, also made great efforts in the accessories. The screen has a splash-proof function, even if you accidentally sprinkle it with water, wipe it with a rag and continue to use it. The fuselage is made of high-quality PC+ABS material, which is strong and resistant to falling. And the tablet is 8.5 inches, really super thin. And the 12-inch ipad mini is slightly smaller, but the weight is only less than half of it, only weighs 111g, which is lighter than the iphone. With such a small tablet, it is very convenient to take it out.

    Especially suitable for traveling, children can draw more carefully the things they want to paint through the writing board, and the difficulty of copying is even smaller. It is very important to create a colorful world for your baby in life. This Shenzhen Howshow color screen electronic writing board uses a color painting screen, which is extremely beneficial to the baby's early color perception. It is worth starting.

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